Massage Therapists & Yoga Teachers

Individual therapies and yoga teachers are an essential component to our wellbeing events and programs. We are looking for applications from massage therapists, body workers, holistic medical practitioners and yoga teachers of all styles and practices. If you are able to offer any of these disciplines, we want to hear from you! 

Festival Workshop Masterclasses

We host a variety of workshops for our festivals and are always looking to increase the variety and reach of our workshops - Holistic Masterclasses, Nutritional workshops, Hands-on experiences, Conferences, Kids workshops, Outdoor activities and Nature immersions for our festivals and retreats. If you feel you have something you would like to share at our events this is where you can apply,  we want to hear from you!

Corporate Workshops

We host a variety of workshops and events for corporate offices, primarily based on mindfulness, stress management, sleep management and nutrition. If you are interested and would like to facilitate a workshop or be part of our corporate wellbeing team, then please apply below. 

Shops and Stalls

For all our festivals we aim to host a truly special market and conscious food area. We are looking for vendors who have a conscious approach with their business working with organic materials and hand-made products. We are also looking for specialised shops such as yoga apparel, holistic herbal medicines and more. If you resonate with this description and are enthusiastic to spend the summer with like minded people working in amazing festivals, you are at the right place!

Food Vendors

We always cater healthy and conscious food in all our events, retreats and festivals. We would prefer to have local food supplying us for our events and have a vegetarian menu to offer.  We also want to showcase a variety of eating choices ranging from raw, ayurvedic, macrobiotic, gluten and dairy free amongst others. If you resonate with this conscious food ethos, then apply with us to offer your delicious food at our various events!