“Our mission is to empower the future generation with life skills such as yoga & mindfulness”

Soul Stretch is a social enterprise company with a strong social mission of 'giving back to the community'. We provide accessible wellbeing services to those who need it the most. A percentage of profits from the services we provide to our consumers and corporate clients, will be reinvested into funding our social objectives. We are on a mission to change lives using the power of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, nutritional food and related disciplines.  

Our three core objectives are:

  • To empower children and young adults from underprivileged backgrounds by teaching them life and wellbeing skills 
  • Provide community projects that promote accessible yoga and meditation for children in care 
  • We create training and job opportunities for young adults from underprivileged backgrounds

We strongly believe that wellbeing (yoga, mindfulness and nutrition) should not just be accessible to the privileged few or only to those who can afford it but to one and all. With the wellbeing field growing tremendously in recent years, it is our passionate belief that the skills and techniques we bring to personal development should be widely accessible to future generations, helping to build a better and more positive world; loving, connected and conscious. 

How do we achieve our social mission? 

We aim to run a self sustaining business model, where we generate sufficient revenue through our corporate programs to help support our social mission. We produce a variety of wellbeing programs, workshops and events for corporate businesses and consumers. Wellbeing programs delivered directly to offices where yoga, massage therapies and meditation are incorporated into the structure of the office schedule. We also produce and curate various wellbeing events in music & food festivals in the UK. So by simply choosing to work with us you are helping others in need.