Our Yoga, Pilates and Chair yoga classes promise to stretch, strengthen and de-stress all who take part. Taught by the best yoga and Pilates teachers in the UK, our classes are a mixed-ability affair, with modifications offered to those who wish to take more challenging or easier options. Yoga is an excellent practice to combat repetitive stress injuries or postural imbalances that can occur from long periods of sitting at a desk/computer. Offering yoga at work is also an excellent way to highlight the importance of health within your company and boost employee moral. Other benefits include: promotes teamwork, a way for staff to engage with each other, relationship building, instills playfulness in tense working environments.

  • Increases Energy and Reduces Fatigue: Simple yoga at work can increase energy levels dramatically.
  • Improves Focus: Regular yoga helps staff to be more mindful, alert and focused.
  • Clarity and Improved Performance: Yoga helps people to think clearly, sharpens intelligence, helps them cope with problems and produces better job performance.